Why Callahan Photography?

Why Callahan Photography?

In this economic time we understand that everyone is re-evaluating there priorities. In times of economic stress family becomes more important. Sometimes picking the cheapest place possible for your seniors portraits is not to your advantage, what you really end up paying for is bad quality images and a not so great experience. While our studio is not the cheapest in town it is comparable in price to many studios that lack the qualifications that we do. At Callahan Photography we offer value of the top product at an affordable rate. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on your images. What we offer is value, images you will be proud to display in your home and images that will with stand the test of time.

While most investments don’t live up to there expectations, the one investment that never changes is family. Next to getting married these images are the most important photographs in your teens life, they will share them with there spouse and children and look back and remember that special time in there life!

Choosing the right senior photographer can be easy if you know what you looking for; here are a few tips on good questions to ask yourself when choosing the right photographer for you.

Style: Do you and your teen like the style of the photographer your choosing? A great price means nothing if you don’t love your images at the end. Look at some of the examples the studio has done. Do you like the expressions and poses the photographer has displayed on his/her website?

Studio: Does your photographer have a studio location? Studio portraits are so important, outside there are many variables that are uncontrollable such as wind, sun, and temperature. Callahan Photography provides a studio experience at our studio equip with dressing room area and lounge.

Reputation: Reputation is very important in choosing a photographer. Make sure your photographer isn't a self proclaimed professional and is used to dealing with seniors and knows how to light and pose teenagers. Ask what professional organizations he/she belongs to. Callahan Photography is a member of Professional Photographers of Ohio (PPO) as well as Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Elizabeth was awarded Silver Photographer of the Year in 2010 and 2011 though PPA. She is also receiving her Master Photographer title in January of 2014!

Budget: Once you have found a few photographers you like consider budget. Picking the least expensive photographer around can cost more than you realize. When you pay for something you hate, what are you really getting in the end? Your child's senior pictures should be something you are proud to display in your home. Our senior investments start at $500.00 with multiple poses and looks. We honestly feel that you will have a hard time spending less than that wherever you choose to go, so why not get the best images for your money?

Other than getting married, graduating from high school will be one of the biggest turning points in the life of your child. Your child will be leaving for college soon, taking on adult responsibilities, and will be venturing out into the world on their own. This is the transition from the protected world that you have provided for the last 17 years into the “real world” where they will be making their own way, their own decisions.

There are many things to take care of before the end of their senior year, but one of the most important and memorable will be their senior portraits. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your senior to share an incredible experience that you will both remember long after they have gone off to college.

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