Award Winning


The Ultimate Senior Experience

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Kenna | Senior Model

"Working with Callahan has been the most rewarding experience! It has opened so many doors for me, and the environment the team provides is a huge sense of confidence and comfort! Some of my favorite memories are my Callahan shoots, and all my best pictures too! I cannot praise them enough."

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Haley | 2020 Senior Model, Lebanon High School

“I’ve loved working with [Callahan Photography] so much because you are so flexible with me! You guys are actually the sweetest people ever and made sure during my shoot that I didn’t feel awkward. I really loved how my pictures came out and I can’t wait for the rest of the shoots!”

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Ella | Senior Model

"Being a senior model for Callahan Photography is an experience I will never forget. I have memories to last a lifetime and what they helped to capture was my growth from a sophomore to a senior. Every shoot made me feel like a real model and they connected me to so many amazing things, including being in a magazine! Whenever I get asked ab my senior pictures I always tell them it was the Callahan team!"


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply to be a Senior Model?

Our exclusive program is limited to a select number of Sophomores and Juniors from each school. Each year we have hundreds of upcoming seniors apply from different schools around the area. Models are selected during their Junior/Sophomore year.

I am not sure how to model, should I still apply?

Yes! We give you full guidance in front of the camera. Most of our senior models have never had a professional photo-shoot until becoming a Callahan Senior Model.

I am interested in applying, what should I do now?

Before applying for a Senior Model position, it is important to sit down with a parent and review this information together. If you are selected to be a Senior Model, we will call your parent to invite you both in to the studio to go over the program in more detail.

I have a very busy schedule, will this program work for me?

Yes! Almost all of our models are involved in one or more extra curricular activity, sport, or work.