Award Winning


The Ultimate Senior Experience

Callahan Photography Senior Influencer Team

Callahan Photography’s Senior Influencer Program is an exclusive ambassador program.

The upcoming seniors selected for our program are considered influencers for their graduating class. Callahan Senior Models receive complimentary photoshoots and special perks in addition to discounts from the studio towards their senior picture order.

The Perks

We LOVE to spoil our Influencer team!

Exclusive Discounts
2 Bonus Sessions
Free Hair and Makeup
Destination Session Opportunities


Who should apply: Sophomores and Juniors that want the full Senior Picture Experience, extra sessions, and discounts.

Exclusivity & Perks

We have become so well-known for the wonderful experience we provide, each year we receive 400+ applications from students from the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus area.

Callahan Photography's two photographers only take 30 girls each for this exclusive program.

Each year we have several of our senior models published in a multitude of teen magazines.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply to be a Senior Model?

Our exclusive program is limited to a select number of Sophomores and Juniors from each school. Each year we have hundreds of upcoming seniors apply from different schools around the area. Models are selected during their Junior/Sophomore year.

I am not sure how to model, should I still apply?

Yes! We give you full guidance in front of the camera. Most of our senior models have never had a professional photo-shoot until becoming a Callahan Senior Model.

I am interested in applying, what should I do now?

Before applying for a Senior Model position, it is important to sit down with a parent and review this information together. If you are selected to be a Senior Model, we will call your parent to invite you both in to the studio to go over the program in more detail.

I have a very busy schedule, will this program work for me?

Yes! Almost all of our models are involved in one or more extra curricular activity, sport, or work.

a few nice words

Dani | Senior Model

"I have loved Callahan Photography. I was a part of their Senior Model Program and I will have had 4 different shoots by the time I am done, which means lots of different outfit changes and pictures to choose from! I loved their mini shoots and themed shoots! They are very creative and quick with their edits and turn around time. I will have my last photo shoot this summer and I can’t wait to see the final product! I have recommended Callahan to many of my friends!"

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Kenzie | Senior Model

"My experience using Callahan Photography was amazing. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, both in and out of the studio. They helped me pose with ease so I never felt awkward while doing the photoshoots, which made me feel so comfortable. They were positive, encouraging, very complimentary and always hyped me up. Before doing the shoots, I got my hair and makeup done with Jill. We talked about everything I wanted done with my hair and makeup, but we also talked about so many other random things as well. She was so sweet and did an amazing job.
I was fortunate to have been selected for the Model Program. This experience was something I would not have been able to get anywhere else. We were given the opportunity to participate in an editorial photoshoot. My theme was Boho, so I got to dress up in bohemian clothes and pose with super cool props in a warehouse. Here I was able to work with both photographers. This was a lot of fun and a memory I will keep with me forever. The Model Program also gave me the opportunity to receive extra photos and gifts at no cost. I walked away with a bunch of cool pictures, frames, and other unique items. This was a great way to motivate me to bring in more people.
Overall I could not have asked for a better experience using Callahan Photography. The pictures were crystal clear and the editing was better than any other photography company I had seen. I loved the coloring of my photos and the locations we used to take my pictures. Everything was well planned out for each shoot. The staff was amazing to work with and my pictures turned out beautifully! I am forever grateful for this opportunity!"

a few nice words from Mom

Dani & Kenzie | Senior Parent Experience

"I have used Callahan Photography for both of my daughters, Kenzie who graduated in 2022 and Dani who will graduate in 2024. Both girls were a part of the Senior Model program and both had amazing experiences! The ladies are so professional, BEYOND creative, their new studio is amazing and they were always helpful and available when we had questions about the shoots. Their editing style is the best I’ve ever seen and the final product is breath-taking. Both photographers made my daughters feel comfortable in each and every shoot. I would highly recommend Callahan Photography Studios!"

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Priya | Senior Model

"When I first decided to be a senior model I had no clue what I was getting into. All I knew was I was inspired by the photography I had seen at Callahan and wanted to express my creativity in my senior pictures! At my first mini, I knew I had made the right decision to be a senior model. The staff at Callahan makes you feel like you're a part of their family and working with them is so much fun. I was amazed by all my shoots, but my big senior session was by far my favorite. They really take into consideration what you want to do with your pictures and make sure you look amazing in whatever setting you choose! Sharing my Indian heritage, love for classical music, and doing pictures in water were all on my list and they hit every mark! I loved my time as a senior model and wouldn't trade it for anything!"

a few nice words from Mom

Macy | Senior Parent Experience

"Senior year is such an exciting time for your senior. There are so many things they have to get in order as they start their next chapter in life, so choosing a photographer to photograph who they are and what they represent is a big deal. Callahan Photography was very friendly and helpful from the first meeting we had with them. They showed us around the studio, gave us all of the details of who they are, what they represent and went over all of the packages and options that were available to Macy. They give your senior many opportunities to earn points throughout the year to go towards your overall package at the end of the season which can earn free items to go with the package you choose. We did chose hair and makeup for our each sessions and we were very happy with the look she gave Macy. Our photographer was Elizabeth. She was very good getting at helping Macy choose which outfit that would look the best at each photo location and made Macy relax to get the best shots. She was very pleasant to talk to and guided Macy every step of the way.

When it came time to choose our photos the crew was very pleasant to work with. We had so many photo options, it was hard to choose. They had put together some photo collages that of course we couldn't pass up, and gave us as much time as we needed to choose exactly what we wanted.

I highly recommend Callahan Photography for your senior!"

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Kenna | Senior Model

"Working with Callahan has been the most rewarding experience! It has opened so many doors for me, and the environment the team provides is a huge sense of confidence and comfort! Some of my favorite memories are my Callahan shoots, and all my best pictures too! I cannot praise them enough."

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Haley | Senior Model, Lebanon High School

“I’ve loved working with [Callahan Photography] so much because you are so flexible with me! You guys are actually the sweetest people ever and made sure during my shoot that I didn’t feel awkward. I really loved how my pictures came out and I can’t wait for the rest of the shoots!”

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Ella | Senior Model

"Being a senior model for Callahan Photography is an experience I will never forget. I have memories to last a lifetime and what they helped to capture was my growth from a sophomore to a senior. Every shoot made me feel like a real model and they connected me to so many amazing things, including being in a magazine! Whenever I get asked ab my senior pictures I always tell them it was the Callahan team!"