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What makes a senior picture?

January 21, 2014

What makes a senior picture


There are so many aspects that make a good senior portrait. Here is a guide to a few to things you should look for when choosing your senior photographer.

1.) Fun images! Your senior pictures should show your personality. Natural expressions with candid images are a great way to bring some emotion to your images!

2.) Beautiful outdoor lighting. Lighting is one of the most important things that can make an image outstanding or not so great. Be sure to choose a photographer that has great understanding on beautiful light on location.

3.) Light in the eyes. Notice those sparkly eyes?!?! Everyone wants sparkly eyes right!?! :) Eyes are what brings a portrait to life.

4.) Flawless retouching and skin tones. Skin tone and retouching is so important. It’s important to choose a photographer that has a great understanding on removing blemishes, redness and any other skin issues and produces images that have beautiful coloring.

5.) Flattering poses and expressions. Getting a great expression and pose requires your photographer to guide you though the process. Make sure to choose a photographer that has lots of experience working with teens of all body types and knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera!

6.) Beautiful studio lighting. If your senior photographer doesn’t have a studio you will be missing out on a whole world of fabulous lighting. The studio will give you additional looks and feels and give you a variety of images that you cannot achieve by doing just simply and outdoor session. Our seniors love coming in when I pull out our big beauty dish they feel like they are about to be on the cover of  teen Vogue!